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La Leche League, Sports Bra Black

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A really good sportbra that supports your breast while you do yoga, powerwalk or other physical activities. 

This bra is also en excellent sleep bra, especially for the bigger sized breasts. 

Buy two bras and get a 99 SEK quantity discount! The discount is automatically deducted at the checkout. You can combine any colours you like.

(Please observe that the quantity discount can not be combined with other discounts)

Material: 58% polyester, 32% cotton, 10% spandex

Washing instructions: 30°C

Valuable size tip: This bra is considered small in size, so we recommend that you buy one size bigger than you usually do. 

This sport bra is small in size. Generally it is a good idea to up one size. 

We recommend: 

S: 30 C (65C), 32 B (70B) 
M: 32 C (70C), 34 B (75B)
L: 32 D (70D), 32 E (70E), 34 C (75C), 34 D (75D), 34 E (75E), 36 B (80B), 36 C (80C)
XL: 32 F (70F), 32 G (70G), 34 F (75F), 34 G (75G), 34 H (75H), 36 D (80D), 36 E (80E), 36 F (80F), 36 G (80G), 36 H (80H), 38 B (85B), 38 C (85C), 38 D (85D), 38 E (85E)
XXL: 36 I (80I), 36 J (80J), 38 F (85F), 38 G (85G), 38 H (85H), 40 C (90C)
XXXL: 38 I (85I), 38 J (85J), 40 D (90D), 40 E (90E), 40 F (90F), 40 G (90G), 40 H (90H)

Also visit or Size Guide for Bras!

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