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Boob Sport Leggings Leo

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Sport leggings for the pregnant mama. Made of a very soft and stretchy material that also dry quickly.

With a high cuff at the waist that can be folded up or down over the stomach, they fit just as well with a bump as they do without. They’re perfect for wearing under a tunic or a short dress. Made of a high-quality and stretchy material. Semi-sheer (which means slightly transparent) and with a "second skin feeling".

Lyocell is a cellulose fiber from fast-growing eucalyptus and other types of trees that grow in FSC-certified forests. Their cultivation requires only 5% of the amount of water needed for cultivating cotton. Lyocell fiber is manufactured in a closed system, which means that water and chemicals are reused.

Material: 95 % Lyocell, 5 % elastan

Washing instructions: 40°C

Our maternity- and pregnantwear clothes are normal in size.

So, if you are a size M in your "ordinary" clothes, then you are a size M in our clothes.


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Produced by:  Wikinggruppen