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Maternity Bola, Heartshaped

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The sweet tinkling of the harmony ball inside the bola is close to the sound of a bell.

From the 20th week of pregnancy, baby recognizes the melodious sound of the maternity bola and will be calmed and soothed by the sound. Accustomed to the sound, it will calm and reassure it after birth.

Once the baby arrived, you can keep wearing your maternity bola as a stylish accessory.

When your baby will grow older, you can hang the bola to the stroller, the mobile bed or sew it inside a blanket.

The bola is silverplated and nickel-free.  You choose your own lenght of the bola, since it comes with a thin, long and black cord.

It is also possible to buy a silverplated chain to go with the bola if you prefer it. You will find the chain here!

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Produced by:  Wikinggruppen