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La Leche League, Abdominal Binder Belly Band

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Since beginning of time women have been helping their postpartum bodies recover from giving birth by binding their tummies.

This organic cotton belly binder provides abdominal support and comfort after both C-Section and natural birth.

Not only does it help improve posture and supports your lower back; it tightens the tummy thereby reducing the risk of stretch marks. The soft and stretchy material in this belly binder provides support in a gentle way. 

For best results use the belly binder 8-12 weeks after your delivery.

The wide Hook & Loop band allows for maximum adjustability and comfort.

Material: 95% polyester, 5% spandex

Washing instructions:

To find your size after childbirth: measure your tummy over the widest/biggest spot, and then find the right size below.

To find your size before childbirth: measure your tummy over the widest/biggest spot and then deduct 15 cm, and find your size below.

If you are just inbetween two sizes, we recommend that you choose the smaller one.

And it is also ok to buy two sizes and then return the one that does not fit. We have a generous returnpolicy and as long as the belly binder is unused, clean and with the package and tags intact, we accept returns even if more than 30 days have passed.

This Belly Band is 24 cm/9 inches high.

XS:   60 cm - 73 cm
S:     74 cm - 84 cm
M:    85 cm - 95 cm
L:     96 cm - 110 cm
XL:  111 cm - 130 cm


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